The main purposes of redesigning the park are to make it become an attractive place and as sustainable as possible. My project basically mentions all those three aspects of sustainability. For the social aspect, this isolated platform will become a unique place in UBC which will attract lots of students. They can chat in such a private space which can enhance social cohesion. For the aesthetic aspect, those new trees and special water features add aesthetic experience. It’s so beautiful that some people may come and take photos. Lastly, for the ecological aspect. The gentle slope leads rainfall into the gap which will be stored and used to water plants in front of Geography Buildings. This function presents the concept of sustainability and could help manage stormwater. It will be a private space that will be chosen by the majority. People who stay on the platform will be surrounded by huge trees and could have a secret conversation. Also, there are some trees on the lawn. Under trees, there are special benches. Students can group and chat here. They will have a totally different experience because of the feeling of private and diverse views.

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