CIRS Rainwater Collection

CIRS Project Description Our goal was to create an experience that accurately portrays the CIRS building Rainwater System and subsequent irrigation that results from the Reclaimed Water system. In short, the rainwater system captures water on the roof, storing up to 107,000 litres in a cistern, before being filtered, disinfected, and pH adjusted before being stored in a treated water tank for use. This water, once turned to grey and black water, is then filtered and used for irrigation purposes. Our installation is designed to help bring this great aspect of the CIRS building – a self-sufficient water supply – from behind the concrete to the public eye. It showcases not only an emulation of the physical systems, but attempts to portray them in an engaging and observable way. To do this, we employed a series of cascading pipes made from recycled bottles hung from the front exterior windows by natural twine. These pipes capture water in the rain and transport it through several stages, before finally depositing the water in the nearby shrubs.

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