Boulder Park

This park design engages aspects of flora/fauna (ecological) and social interaction (social). In my cite analysis I realized that people traversed the park without interacting with one another. My solution to make people interact more is to build a park with recreation (climbing) and spaces where people can connect with nature. The connection with nature is done with all sense – hearing the water flowing, touching the rocks, smelling the flowers and seeing the squirrels jumping in the trees. I also wanted to create a space where people can express their creativity, this is done with the communal blackboard that can be used to make art. This sort of activity also invites social interaction. The park remains simple and only uses natural materials that are minimally shaped and altered such as rocks and wood. The feedback I received was focused on making my park open to a wider audience and not just people that would be interested in the recreation such as climbing. This made me reconsider my design to make it more inclusive. For example I decided to add a blackboard. Other feedback that I received pointed to the fact that I neglected the other side of the park. My solution was to take advantage of the fact that the back of the park sees less traffic and make it a quite natural area where fauna and flora could thrive. This includes introducing native plants, making spacing for breeding of pollinators and birds and building a pond with the water from the river.

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