Behring T-AR; “RailJack”

The Behring T-AR “Railjack” is an all purpose Assault Rail. The pinnacle of rail gun technology, this newest addition to Behring’s arsenal combines light weight reconnaissance with long range devastation. The T-AR has a number of key improvements. Foremost amongst them is the integration of a telescopic fore-grip; allowing operatives to quickly change their weapon from an effective range of 80 yards to 2000 yards. This pivotal design change positions your combatants in control at all times, allowing for response against any threat, at any distance, at any time. This bleeding edge improvement has meant the repositioning feed system, with a new bullpup receiver configuration. The T-AR has also seen improvements in magazine capacity, noise control, energy consumption, ballistics and more. The battle field of today needs the weapons of tomorrow to keep your combatants safe for life, the Behring T-AR does just that.

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