A park with ears

In this park design, I have focused on acoustic and pedestrian circulation. Having done the site analysis and experiencing the space; there are not a lot of activities happening there most people only walk through the space. However, when it comes to acoustics, sounds, in this area depending on your location sounds that surround you change; their volume and their kind. For instance, at the main cross section the pedestrian sound is the dominate sound yet if you walk further down you could hear variety of bird sound. Overall, this area is not really alive. In my design I have responded to sounds and its relationship with pedestrian circulation by making grass covered slopes and green walls that intersect in the main cross path. They are made of wood; local plants are grown on it alongside having patterns which allow light through. It has a recycled clear plastic roof and small solar panels on it. Moreover, the slopes are situated based on the sound frequency. The whole area is part of the design from the main cross section that would have green entrance statue in which when people step on specific parts a soft music would be played; and to the benches’ location on the slopes. One of the main purposes of the design is to make happy and an active experience for the visitors.

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