A Brighter Path

This project has been a process to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment which will bring more light into the stretch of space between the Geography and Math buildings at UBC that will also offer greater engagement with fauna for the people that pass under the built arches of the stretch. This path is dark in many parts for most parts of the day and at night is dimly lit as well, this project seeks to enhance the visibility of the surroundings which will add greater awareness of the environment and enhance its overall beauty. Furthermore, the archways themselves will act as conduits or pathways themselves for the squirrel population; this particular species makes use of any apparatus it can to climb to where it wishes. In doing so, passers by will be offered a much better view of their activities and will be given a greater opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna that they are amongst and indeed a part of. Furthermore, the ominous and spooky landscape that even while bright out is dominated by spooky and dark shadows. These shadows will be brightened by lights placed on the bottoms of the archways which will lighten the area and revitalize a once dark corridor of campus.

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