2019 Ellerbroek Park Collage

I chose to focus on spatial perceptions and pedestrian circulation for my site evaluation. I found that the perceptual pattern of the site was pretty dreary, fast-paced, and pedestrians focused on the ground, the doors, and their phones. I found that pedestrian circulation was focused on a few areas and there were many very intrusive concrete paths were not being used at all, despite quite reasonable design efforts as it seems. My goal is to maximize efficiency in pedestrian paths while also changing the spatial perception from a fast-paced, dreary area (or quick smoke stop) to an area more focused on relaxation, creativity, and recognition of UBC graduation class trees. I decided to use a Bagua, which is an energy map based on principles of Feng Shui, to highlight my perception goals for pedestrians. First I decided on the most efficient pathways for the area, then I used Feng Shui principles of energy composition in S, N, E, W destinations to outline perceptual hotspots around the new pathway. I focused on the south half of the site where graduation trees are planted and the southwest end of the site where there is an open square with some benches and trash cans. I found these areas to have the most pedestrian traffic so I decided to focus on these areas for my site design. Here are the following principles of Feng Shui for the areas I chose to focus on: South: wealth, fame, success, recognition, relationships, red, brown West: Love, peace, children, benefits, creativity, red, brown, gold, copper I decided the way to change perception and circulation through Feng Shui principles was through adding a bendy and unique fence design in front of the graduation trees and an interactive statue in the southwest square. Both of these structures were to be created out of Core 10 Steel, which is a very flexible copper/reddish colored material. I chose this material for its copper color that is significant in Bagua mapping to highlight fame, success, and opportunity, and also because of its striking appearance to grab the attention of pedestrians using the site. I made the fence abstractly look like tree roots to highlight the graduation trees in an attention-grabbing way. Following the fence, I made a Core 10 Steel structure using designs from the fence to create a restful but creative space for people to rest in the southwest square. I wanted the statue to be a sitting area type structure that can the capacity to be written on with chalk to add a creative and fun element to the dreary area it was in the past.

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